Andover’s Got Talent – Spotlight on Community Art, Music & a Celebrity Chef

by | Jul 10, 2022

Pam Newman The Bead Lady Andover Earrings

A Who’s Who of Some Andover Talent

The Buzz on Local Talent in Andover! Such as, Pam Newman, The Bead Lady; David Adilman’s Sculpture Garden; Mark Sensinger, Andover Sax Guy; Phillip’s Academy’s Chelsea Ward of Seiranigami;  Michele Bourgeau , One19 Gallery Art & Decor; Tiffany Gentile’s Glitzy’s Gadgets, Denise Gentile, The Glitzy Gourmet; Jeanne Cheng, Pet & Child Portraits; & Tricia Marchlink, Photographer.

Pam Newman — The Bead Lady

Long-time Andover resident Pam Newman is The Bead Lady. And you can find her jewelry in Downtown Andover’s Helen Thomas Simply Smashing ⬇️ and at Native Sun.

Pam Newman — The Bead Lady at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing

Pam Newman The Bead Lady at Helen Thomas Simply Smashing Andover


David Adilman — Sculpture Garden

Fosters Pond resident David Adilman is a sculptor. And you can enjoy his work locally, by visiting his Fosters Pond Sculpture Garden.

David Adilman Sculpture Garden Fosters Pond Andover

David Adilman Sculpture Garden Andover


Mark Sensinger — Andover Sax Guy

Andover resident Mark Sensinger is a composer, arranger, and copyist known as  the Andover Sax Guy. You may have enjoyed his music at one of the Andover Summer Jams. And you can listen to his music on-demand on the Mark Sensinger YouTube Channel.

Andover Sax Guy Mark Sensinger Performs in Downtown Andover


Phillips Academy’s Chelsea Ward — Seiranigami

Phillips Academy Alum Chelsea Ward is lead singer of Seiranigami. Keep tabs on her summer schedule, to catch her next performance in Downtown Andover. Because she’s off to Louisiana this fall to get her MBA at Tulane University. Certainly, we’ll be hearing more from this talented woman. Below she performs her own My Love Song in Downtown Andover.

Chelsea Ward of Seiranigami Peforms in Downtown Andover


Michele Bourgeau — One19 Gallery Art & Decor

Local Artist Michele Bourgeau opened her shop One19 Gallery Art & Decor at 119 Lowell Street, Andover. Where she offers creatively chosen or hand-crafted pieces for the soulful buyer. The shop is open by chance or appointment. And stay tuned for a future post on what Michele has planned!

 Michele Bourgeau — One19 Gallery Art & Decor Andover

One19 Gallery Art & Decor Andover


Tiffany Gentile — Glitzy’s Gadgets

Andover-raised Tiffany Gentile offers Glitzy’s Gadgets through her company Unique Treasures. She created the beaded housewares line for her mom’s local cable show, The Glitzy Gourmet. You can find Glitzy’s Gadgets in Downtown Andover at Elsie’s Pantry.

Beaded Serving Set from Glitzy’s Gadgets

Tiffany Gentile Glitzy's Gadgets at LaFina Restaurant


Denise Gentile — The Glitzy  Gourmet

The inspiration for Tiffany’s Gentile’s Glitzy’s Gadgets ⬆️ was her mom — The Glitzy Gourmet. Yes, Andover had its own Julia Child. And we’re trying to get her back on cable. Those of you who remember the famous Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins will enjoy the video below. Stay tuned for more on The Glitzy Gourmet story!

Jeanne Cheng, Pet & Child Portraits

Andover artist Jeanne Cheng creates beautiful pet and child portraits. She works in oil paint, charcoal, and/or pencil. And you can commission a portrait to honor a pet or child you love.

Jeanne Cheng Pet Portrait — Washburne & Echo

Andover Artist Jeanne Cheng portrait of German Shepherds

Tricia Marchlik — Photographer

Forty-plus year Andover resident and photographer Tricia Marchlik regularly captures the beauty of living in Andover. However, Tricia’s body of work expands beyond Andover and can be viewed at Fine Art America.

Tricia Marchlik Photography — Abbot Bridge Drive Canoe Launch

Tricia Minahan Marchlik Andover Photographer


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