Making a House a Home After Loss

by | Oct 15, 2021

Andover's Nancy Patsios of Sort It Out Boston

Life after Loss

Photo of Nancy above ☝️ by Anthony Houhoulis.

I was recently contacted by Marni Jameson, a nationally syndicated lifestyle columnist. She was seeking resources to respond to a letter she received by reader of her column. The letter came from a gentleman who recently lost his wife. His story is here.

Professional Resources

I offered Marni two resources:

Both associations, to which I belong, offer members coursework and educational opportunities that help us not only understand the needs of our clients but help us guide them through difficult life transitions.

Personal Perspective of an Unwelcome Transition

During our email exchange, I noted the timeliness of her request. It has been a common thread among several clients this year. Even more so, my own circumstance is now most unfortunately playing a role in working with my clients as my husband also passed away last year.

It is one thing to learn about and apply knowledge and skills. It is quite another to have the up close and personal experience. It brings it to a new level and offers quite a different perspective in understanding and guiding a person through the murky waters of this unwelcome transition — life after loss.

With that, I unexpectedly became a part of the story Marni was about to write. It was published in two articles. The first focused on the gentleman reader’s request and the second article was born of my subsequent interview with Marni: Losing a Mate: 8 Expert Tips to Help Bereaved Partners Move on at Home.

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